With 2.7 billion gamer worldwide, the gaming industry is set to raise $159.3 billion in 2020 (Newzoo, 2020). It is no surprise that there is an increasing demand for innovations to enhance gaming quality exprience. This is where blockchain comes un. Blockchain based game companies have raised $567 million in 2020 from investments. Blockchain and gaming complement each other as the gaming industry can tap into the decentralized database blockchain technology to revolutionize the gaming industry.

Many of the people don't knows about blockchain and its role in any industry. Few years ago Bitcoin and the base of bitcoin which is known as Blockchain took the world to the next level fire of its potential, as Bitcoin was crossing its all time high prices and creating a huge value of itself. Blockchain technology is a particular enhanced security system which provides high end security to their users and currently many industries are trying to understand the concept and its potential, So are gaming industry as well.

Gaming is most popular and highly reachable platform nowadays. Major people in the wold right now insist to earn and get a good life, But behind this earning of money life became hectic for many people who wanted to play games and develop their future in gaming industries.

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